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Meanwhile, you can take a tour on our photo gallery and see some of the pictures of our jaguar safaris and our sport fishing tours. Dona Onça jaguar lodge is a new accommodation in Porto Jofre. Make a jaguar tour in the Pantanal and stay in a new and confortable lodge.

Pousada Dona Onça Jaguar Lodge

Dona Onça Jaguar Lodge is a new accommodation in Porto Jofre in the middle of the Pantanal. In fact, this is a family business built in 2021. The Owners run the lodge with their children since 2022. However, the lodge is very clean and the accommodations are confortable with aircon and the bathrooms have hot showers. Furthermore, the lodge offers jaguar safaris for wildlife lovers. Besides, from february till october, the lodge offers sport fishing tours.

Jaguar safaris

Certainly, the jaguar tours are the main activity In Porto Jofre. Since, 2006 many tourists from all over the world are visiting the northern Pantanal to see jaguars living in their natural habitat. Givin that. Dona Onça jaguar lodge bought its own boats. In order, to make the jaguar safaris the most effecient possible, we have fast boats and very experient boat drivers. Even more, the boats are all 4 stroke motors. In any case, these motors are silent and smokeless. 

Basically, sport fishing in Porto Jofre begins in february. All of sudden, tourists from all over the world come to visit the Pantanal not only for the jaguar tours, but also for sport fishing. Certainly, this area is considered the best area in Brazil to catch fresh water fishes. All in all, there are big fishes like Jaú, Pintado and Cachara among many other fishes. The lodge offers all equipments for fishers. For exemple, baits, fishing rods, cool boxes. Also, experient guides and boat drivers. Generally, in october is the end of the fishing season. In fact, this is the begining of the Piracema, period of time when fishes reproduce. Important to realize, that in this period, is forbidden to fish and ilegal fishers who desrespect the law will be heavyly punished.

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