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At first, here you can book your jaguar trip. Certainly, Dona Onça jaguar lodge welcomes you to experience this adventure in this wonderful paradise Pantanal. 

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Surely, Dona Onça Jaguar Lodge welcomes you and your family to experience this jaguar trip in the heart of South America. In short, our stablishment makes your accommodation in Porto Jofre way easier. In fact, our company takes care of you accommodation, also, your meals, and your jaguar tour in the Pantanal. With this purpose in mind, we make your jaguar trip more comfortable and less complicated. Another key point, is that choosing Dona Onça Jaguar Lodge, you are not only, booking your jaguar tour or fishing tour, but also, letting us organize your jaguar tour in the Parque Estadual Encontro das Águas. Besides, we are able to pick you up at your location in Cuiabá. 

The Pantanal

In fact, the swumps of the brazilian Pantanal in South America is the largest flooded area in the whole world. Eventually, this is the best place in the world to make a jaguar trip. In detail, it is approximatelly 240 thousand square kilometers that forms this unique ecosystem. Comparatively, the Pantanal is about the size of France. As I have said, the Pantanal is in the middle of the continent. Consequently, It is in three different contries. Evidently, the largest part is in Brazil. Then, a smaller part is in Bolivia and in Paraguay as well.

All in all, a jaguar tour in Porto jofre is the most exciting experience tourists make in the Pantanal. Of course, there are many other animals that you might see too. For exemple the jaguar´s prey and many other mammals, birds and reptiles that makes part of this rich biome.

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